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Year Three

Welcome to our Year Three Class Webpage. Here you can discover what exciting things we do in our class and how we learn creatively. 

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Miss J Stanners
Miss J Stanners
Mrs J Hutton
Miss J Stanners

Key Information & Reminders

In our classroom there are always 3 members of staff, including Miss Stanners and Mrs Hutton full time. We are split into 3 family groups in which we get to share news and carry out our English and Maths learning ( Lemurs, Penguins and Turtles for Forest School, we are split into two different groups. (group A and group B). As well as forest school, we access continuous provision, topic and science in these group's.

This year we have moved into a new classroom base full of new resources! Our brand new learning environment has a block area, woodwork area, art area, modelling area, play-dough/ clay station, water/ sound area and more!

Autumn Term 2019

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Our Time in Year 2

Spring Term 2019

This term our topic is all about Space! Our topic began with an alien invasion in our classroom! We investigated ourselves and designed our own aliens we thought had visited. We have trained as astronauts - measuring rocket fuel, categorizing rocks and making observational drawings of Earth. We also enjoyed tasting astronaut food although most of us weren't sure we would eat it every day!

This term we have also had a 'Dark Day' where we carried out lots of science experiments relating to light such as shadow puppets and experimenting with the light box. In art we have enjoyed making planet collages and space canvas' as well as clay planets.

During Science week had LOTS of exciting visitors! Pete Edwards from Durham Uni came and shared his space expertise with us, a space artist taught us how to make pop-up books, we watched a show in the planetarium and made & tested our own space capsules! It was so much FUN! We cant wait to learn even more as the term continues!

Autumn Term 2018

This term in class, our topic is 'travelling the World'. Through our topic we have visited Australia, South America, and the North & South poles. We loved learning about the animals that live in these different places in the world! We have also enjoyed doing lots of practical science this term - including mini-beast hunts and skittle experiments, as well as cooking and baking. Our carnival party was a great way to celebrate our learning about Brazil, where was learnt the samba and tried Brazilian foods. We are all excited for our new topic of 'Space' after Christmas! 

Our Time In Year 1

Year 1 2017

Our topic is still animals but, in our floorbook, we asked to learn about where in the world different wild animals come from so we have visited the different continents of the world after learning the 7 Continents Song! First we travelled to Australia and looked at wombats, kangaroos and koalas. We even created some of our own dreamtime artwork while listening to aboriginal music!

One day we arrived at school and there were snowy footprints leading to our room! A naughty penguin had come to visit from Antarctica! We wrote lots of lovely research questions and began to search for answers using books and the internet. Next it was Africa after a cheeky baby warthog found his way to Y1! We read Handa’s Hen and did some traditional African dancing. What fun!

In Science, we have asked LOADS of interesting questions about our own bodies so we have researched these through our floorbook and by using Steve the skeleton and fun videos online with Chloe and Nurb. Super scientists!


Any additional Info

This half term we have been doing LOTS of rehearsal with EYFS on our Christmas performance of Forgetful Santa. We have been SO good practising our lines at home and we are REALLY looking forward to performing for our families on December 13th!

Our last Beach School day will be Tuesday 12th December (Miss Rodden’s Family Group).

We are excited for a visit to the church in the village and then our Christmas parties on the last Tuesday of term.

This first half-term, we have been learning all about animals. We had a visit from Steve with his Animal Ark where we investigated all the different creepy crawlies he had brought with him. After this inspiration, we chose a range of different animal stories to work on such as the seaside story Sharing a Shell and Monkey Puzzle which was all about animal babies.

We got an exciting letter from Zebediah Zoo, who asked for our help! He needed to design a zoo but didn’t know where to start. So, using our Topaz Power, we drew a HUGE zoo plan and made a model zoo including enclosures for a whole host of different animals…how wonderful! Our zoo became a display out in the corridor so that everyone could admire it!

Our Time In Early Years
See Some Of Our Observations

Our Adventures

In EYFS we take part in some wonderful adventures and go on amazing trips. Please use the link below to see pictures from our school picture gallery of some of the different things that we have been getting up to.


School Picture Gallery

Use this link to visit the school picture gallery where you will discover all of the amazing adventures the children have had.

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