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School Songs

We have worked with the wonderful Katie Doherty to plan, write and perform a school song that becomes our anthem for the year. The children really enjoy singing these songs and they can now practice these at home.

Sharing Hearts - Katie Doherty
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Respect - Katie Doherty
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Picture Gallery

Don't forget to visit the School Picture Gallery to see our latest pictures. Can you spot yourself on a school adventure?

Dojo House Points

In Wheatley Hill Primary School, we think it's very important to work hard and try our best all the the time. As a reward for doing this, our teachers award us Dojo Points. These are counted up each week and the winning class is announced in assembly. The class with the most points at the end of a term receives a fantastic surprise. Good Luck!

Article 15 ' Right to join groups.'

Red Team
Blue Team
Green Team
Yellow Team
Homework Links

As well as reading your book each night and learning your spellings, your class teachers would also like you to use our online Homework program called TimesTable Rock Stars, Accelerated Reader & Accelerated Maths. 

Visiting these websites, you can practice your spelling and maths skills. You will earn points by spending time using these and you will get your name mentioned in our Celebration Assembly. Good Luck

Links For Children

We have worked hard to gather some links that you may find fun, challenging or useful. Please explore these links when you have some free time and see if you can complete any of the puzzles, challenges or games. 

Online Worry Box

In Wheatley Hill Primary School, we think it's very important that all of the children in school feel happy, comfortable and safe. We are very lucky in school because we have the wonderful Miss Hodgkinson, whose role is to help boys and girls when they feel upset, anxious or worried about something. Miss Hodgkinson is always in school and often on the School yard every morning and evening so she is easy to find if you need to talk to her about something. There is also a worry box and you can even use the form below to send her a message directly.

Note - children should enter as e-mail address.

Send Miss Hodgkinson a message

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