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 Our Early Years Provision

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Our Early Years Setting

At Wheatley Hill Community Primary School, we believe that Early Years education plays a crucial role in a child's development.

We encourage parents and carers to enrol their children with us as early as possible in order to guarantee a place in our amazing Eary Years Unit. Children are able to enter our unit from the age of two as we have a dedicated early learning space for our young children with their own private access to an outdoor learning space. Then as soon as a child turns three, they are welcome to start in our school nursery. Please contact the school well in advance to ensure a space is available.

Early Years Environment

In a quality Early Years setting, the learning environment becomes the third educator following the parents and teachers and this is what we believe here at Wheatley Hill.

Our brand new Early Years environment is a truely amazing space and uses natural materials to create a fantastic learning environment. Our Early Year's staff members are extremely hard working and dedicated. We are very lucky here at Wheatley Hill as we are able to offer excellent groups sizes of approximately 10 children per group.

Please see the gallery below:

An Amazing SPace
Art Area
The Loft
Inside the Role Play
Work Stations
Construction Area
Block Construction
Natural Resources
Many Areas to Explore
Work Area
Cooking Area
The Studio
Construction Table
Natural Resources
Amazing Spaces
Sand & Water

Early Years Curriculum

We believe in a blended approach towards the delivery of our EYFS curriculum. We offer opportunities for child initiated learning, adult led sessions and adult directed tasks.  Within our Early Years setting, children will take part in adult led activities at times but will spend large amounts of time exploring and developing their own ideas of the world around them. All learning in our EYFS department is linked to our whole school progression of knowledge & skills. 


The children will be challenged  through exciting tasks, activities and targets that are individually tailored to ensure the children can meet their "next steps" on their own learning journey.


Our Early Years curriculum is built around key skills and language development, as we believe that without a rich understanding of language and basic thinking skills children can find it difficult to thrive later in more challenging subjects.

See some of our exciting activities in the galley below:

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IMG_2649 - Copy
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pic2 - Copy
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Early Years
Early Years
Early Years
Early Years

Further Information

If you would like to know more about our exciting Early Years Setting or would like to come for a visit then please do not hesitate to get in touch. A member of our fantastic team would be more than willing to help. 

We encourage you to visit our nursery.

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