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 School Transport 

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Wheatley Hill Community Primary School operates a volunteer school to home support service for families which are faced with a range of social and logistical challenges, which impact on the child’s transition from home to school.

We appreciate that every family will have varying circumstances and that our response needs to consider a range of factors to undertake a fair assessment of need to ensure the resource is not over subscribed and the families most in need have access to this support.

We will endeavour to support as many families as is practically possible within the restrictions of seat availability and the distances to be traveled; but we recognise that we are not able to support every request. The provision of transitional support and the allocation of transport to and from school is a volunteer service which is funded directly by school and has limited capacity.

Following the submission of the request form, our decision will be based around the principle of ‘most in need’. Our decision will not devalue the individual circumstances of the family’s request, and if we are unable to support, we recognise that some families may be disappointed as the rationale for the request will still remain.

If the family wishes to explore a more formal approach to receiving support, Durham County Council Transport Services may be able to offer further guidance. For further information and advice please contact The School Places and Admissions Team, Children and Young People’s Services, County Hall, Durham DH1 5UJ 03000 265896 or email


Should you require further information, please contact

Wheatley Hill Primary School retain the right to remove the provision of transitional support to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all staff and other children. You will be required to sign the School transport agreement and in any instance where the agreement is not followed, the provision will be removed.

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