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 The Climb Project 

 Welcome to our Climb Project Webpage. Here you can discover what exciting things we do in our classes and how we learn creatively. 


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Our Climb Team
Mrs K Swales
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Miss J Sahota
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Mrs T Carney
Becky Levington.JPG
Mrs B Levington
Charlotte Dent.JPG
Miss C Dent
Mrs A Pearson
Kelly Hindmarsh.JPG
Mrs K Hindmarsh

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Mrs R Hann
Libby Minnes.JPG
Miss L Minnes
Clare Anderson.JPG
Mrs C Anderson
Rachael Cowan.JPG
Miss R Cowen
Zena Ebdon.JPG
Mrs Z Ebdon
Miss E Willis
Victoria Grainger.JPG
Mrs V Grainger
Mrs D Regan
Nicole Richardson.JPG
Miss N Richardson
Kayleigh Harding.JPG
Mrs K Harding
Rebecca Alvey.JPG
Miss R Alvey
Musu Gurr-Hunter.JPG
Mrs M Gurr
Danielle Rankin.JPG
Mrs D Rankin
The Climb Project

We have a specialist SEND inclusion approach that joins Special School and Mainstream teaching routes in a clear learning pathway for children with an EHCP (Education Health Care Plan). Children within the Climb Project are taught in specialist classrooms called Bases.

Special educational needs

Young people within the Climb Project receive the intensive specialist support you would expect in any quality Special School provision, whilst at the same time being offered the teaching approaches, peer integration and expansive curriculum associated with the mainstream primary experience. All young people, follow an individualised learning route that is specifically designed to meet their needs based on the outcomes of the EHCP.

Dedicated provision

The Climb Project is based at our wonderful school and we have six dedicated classrooms for pupils with more complex SEND needs. These rooms are based upon age and need, and are fully equipped with resources to meet the requirements of the children.

An exciting curriculum

The Climb Project curriculum is tailored not only to the children’s needs but to their interests, too. We take into account their EHCP and SEND support plan outcomes and meet these in a vast range of ways. Forest School and Outdoor Education sessions take place in order to give our children real-life experiences in the open air.

A special learning environment

To further enhance the curriculum, the children have access to a number of learning environments including the Sensory Room, Soft Play area and Ball Pit, as well as our outdoor classroom and sensory garden.

Teaching & Learning

Calming and welcoming

Each Base has a calm and welcoming atmosphere. Children have tools to support their learning such as a group table, workstations, visual timetables, task boxes and much more. Each Base has a teacher and a number of support staff, depending on individual need. This enables children who require 1-to-1 support to receive it at times during the day.


Targeted approach for every child

Teaching is delivered in several ways, in a range of environments, again to suit need. There is a huge emphasis on practical learning with a multi-sensory approach in order to get the best possible outcomes for each child. Movement breaks and sensory breaks are built into the day for those children who need it. Many therapies and interventions take place here at Wheatley Hill, such as Lego therapy, Social Stories, Socially Speaking groups, Circle of Friends, Getting Along groups, Zones of Regulation workshops and many more.


Trips, visits and events

Children in the Climb Project take part in weekly outdoor Forest School sessions, where the learning is tailored to suit our learners, and differentiated in order for them to take part. Children have been in canoes, gorge walking and hiking in the local areas. Visits and trips are planned around the topics the children are learning about. Every summer, children are invited to take part in a residential visit to the Lake District, and we also offer our annual skiing trip to France!


Specialist support

A young person working within the Climb Project will have access to:

• Occupational therapists

• Speech and language therapists

• Educational psychologists

• Outdoor Education

• Forest and Beach School


• Makaton

• Pastoral support

• Hydrotherapy

• Rebound therapy

• Social and emotional wellbeing support

• Many other learning and support mechanisms


Our promise to your child

We are dedicated to ensuring the correct support is in place for each individual child. When children first join the Climb Project a series of assessments are carried out around the four broad areas of need: Cognition and Learning, Communication and Interaction, Physical and Sensory, and Social, Emotional and Mental Health. Following these careful assessments, a package of support is devised for each child, and the curriculum devised to suit their needs.


Our Adventures

In school we take part in some wonderful adventures and go on amazing trips. Please use the link below to see pictures from our school picture gallery of some of the different things that we have been getting up to.


School Picture Gallery

Use this link to visit the school picture gallery where you will discover all of the amazing adventures the children have had.

Updated - 01.10.23

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