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School Development 

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This plan sets out the agreed priorities for Wheatley Hill Primary over the academic year 2021-22. It is the culmination of our on-going evaluation of school effectiveness, gathered from a variety of sources including external reviews, assessment data, in school monitoring and parental questionnaires / feedback.

Future priorities

The school improvement priorities have been selected following extensive discussions and consultation with our teachers, governors, parents and pupils as well as representatives from the LA and the wider community.


Our next priorities have been grouped under the Ofsted Framework Headings:

Quality of Education 

Priority 1: To maintain the consistent application our innovative and exciting curriculum.
Priority 2: To continue to improve the precision and purpose of teaching pedagogy enabling consistently outstanding
Priority 3: To raise the profile of Science across school including within the EYFS provision.
Priority 4: To implement continuous provision / challenge box elements and enhancements throughout all 
year groups.
Priority 5: To ensure current school culture around SEND remains highly inclusive allowing pupils with 
complex needs to access all areas of school life.
Priority 6: To accelerate pupil progress in writing focusing on developing staff teaching pedagogy.

Behavior & Attitudes

Priority 7: To continue to refine and deploy effective and consistent behaviour regulation strategies
resulting in a purposeful ethos of support and engagement. (Zones of Regulation)
Priority 8: To improve the overall attendance of pupils in school. 

Personal Development

Priority 9: To improve parental involvement and community cohesion with recognised impact on pupil
progress, behaviour and welfare. 

Leadership & Management

Priority 10: To refine our departmental structure in school to allow increased levels of leadership 

Priority 11: To improve the overall effectiveness of Senior Leaders, Middle Leaders and Co-ordinators in school.

The Effectiveness of Early Years

Priority 12: To improve the precision and purpose of teaching pedagogy within the EYFS.
Priority 13: To develop the outdoor learning space to offer further challenge, building on children’s 
resilience and independence skills. 
Priority 14: To raise attainment in writing through the development of staff teaching pedagogy. 

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