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SEND - Supporting Children

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How we Support Children with SEN

At Wheatley Hill Primary, we follow the Code of practice for SEND in order to support the children in our care. Staff are trained and kept well informed of how to best meet the needs of SEND children. We hold regular review meetings with Parents/carers and children, in order to, assess the impact of the support we are providing and what the next steps will be for children.

Short Notes

If your child is having difficulties in school, either parents/ carers or staff will make an appointment to hold a short note meeting. This is an initial meeting to discuss concerns and actions to help decide what steps to put in place to make sure your child receives the support they need.  The outcomes from this meeting would normally be monitored for over a term and then a second meeting would be arranged with parents/ carers to asses the impact of this.

SEN Support Plans

Children in school who receive additional to/ or more support to best meet their needs will have a SEN Support Plan. This outline exactly what school aims to do in order to provide support for each SEND child. We hold regular review meetings of SEN Support Plans and invite parents to a termly review. We work in partnership with parents/carers and outside agencies and consider all view points equally as important.

Each half term teachers review the targets and outcomes from every child in schools SEN support plan. From this children’s targets are adjusted accordingly. Often children will be set a new target to push them forward in their learning. Where children have not met their target, strategies and advice will be decided to ensure that children don’t become stagnant.

We invite parents to review SEN support plans during Autumn and Spring term in order to keep them updated with the progress of their child. In the summer term each teacher meets with the new class teacher to review SEN support plans and to decide on the provision for the child in the next academic year.

Looked After Children

We work closely with the local authority to ensure any children who are looked after receive the additional to/ or more support that they might need. We hold PEP meetings termly to assess where the children are at and also what targets to set for the upcoming term. These are reviewed as part of the plan, assess, do and review cycle.

If you would like to discuss your SEND requirements in detail please contact the school to arrange an appointment.

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