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SEND - Pastoral, Medical & Social Needs

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Pastoral, Medical and Social Support

At Wheatley Hill Primary School, we employ a full time School Inclusion Manager, Mrs Linda Anson. She works with children, young people and families to best support them. To speak to Mrs Anson about a child or her role please contact the school. School also works closely with our School Nurse - Bev Jones. To speak to the school nurse about a child or her role please contact the school.


Pastoral, Medical, Social and Emotional Support

At Wheatley Hill Primary School, we believe it is important to develop the whole child, not just their academic ability.


Pastoral Care

We believe that children are entitled to:
• be involved in the planning of their own health care needs whenever possible
• establish a routine individually related to their needs and age.


We believe that parents are entitled to:
• Be consulted about their child’s personal care, to ensure that it is sensitive to the families culture and reflects            their child’s needs.
• The reassurance that children will, whenever possible, receive personal care from the staff that know him/her            best.


To support this we:
• Ensure children are provided with an Educational Support Plan where needed
• Have trained lunchtime supervisors who know the school well
• Ensure all of our staff and visitors are DBS checked and fully trained in all aspects of their role.
• Carry out social development programmes when appropriate for those children who require extra support.
• Use playground leaders to support children at playtimes.
• Have a range of after school activities which promote healthy and safer lifestyles.

Medical Needs:

• We work closely with other professionals, both in-school staff, the school nurse, outside agencies and                          parents/carers to support all public health and medical needs within the school.
• We are able to meet with parents/carers to discuss any concerns within a confidential and supportive                          environment.
• We ensure staff receive up to date training and we seek advice from the relevant professionals to meet a                    families’ needs. At least two members of staff are fully trained paediatric first aiders.
• We arrange school nurse involvement and drop in sessions for parents/carers.
• We can produce Care Plans for those children who have complex additional needs.
• We support children with additional Speech and Language needs by working in small groups, on a 1:1 basis or        by involving speech and language professionals who regularly work with identified children in school.


Social and Emotional support

We place great importance on promoting and supporting a child’s positive social and emotional well-being. We encourage children, parents and carers to speak to key members of staff each day. We are also happy to speak over the telephone to those parents who work during the day.
We use CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health service) alongside this support where necessary.
Our school playground leaders support children during playtimes, encouraging positive behaviour and making sure everyone has someone to play with.
We always provide staff to accompany the children on their visits and members of the transition team liaise closely with us throughout the year, particularly during the Summer Term.
We hold regular parents evenings and provide tours of the school.

If you would like to discuss your SEND requirements in detail please contact the school to arrange an appointment.

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