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"Wheatley Hill Community Primary School is a caring, inclusive school at the heart of our local community. We believe that quality teaching and learning can take place both inside and outside of the classroom." 


Our inclusive school also incorporates a specialist provision for supporting children with Special Educational Needs of all ages and needs. Our Specialist SEND Department contains an Enhanced Mainstream Provision for children with Speech and Language Needs and we also have a specialist provision for children with complex Autism, Sensory needs and Physical Difficulties.


Our wonderful school uses a range of innovative approaches to allow all children, regardless of SEND needs to thrive and achieve their best. We use outdoor learning, practical life experiences, an innovative curriculum and highly qualifies support staff to support our pupils with SEND.

We would be delighted to invite you to Wheatley Hill Primary to visit our SEND Provision and to discuss how our inclusive school could support your child and your family. 

The Government has asked all Local Authorities in the UK to publish, in one place, information about the services and provision they expect to be available in their area for children and young people from 0 to 25, who have Special Educational Needs and/or a Disability (SEND).

This is known as the Local Offer. The intention of the Local Offer is to improve choice for families and will also be an important resource for parents in understanding the range of services and provisions in the local area.

Further information about the Local Offer can be found on the County Durham Families Information Service website.

SEND Report

An overview of SEND inclusion at Wheatley Hill Primary School. Find out about our SEND policies and Procedures.

Pupil Progress

This section contains information about the progress and attainment children with SEND make at WHPS.


As an inclusive school, children with SEND access all areas of school & visits. Please see our School Gallery for pictures of these experiences.


Find out how to join our school. In this section you will find out how to join our school in Early Years or through a transfer.


Information on how we support children with SEND to transfer to their new school. 


This section contains information about our Enhanced Mainstream Provision, which offers an excellent Speech and Language Provision.


Find out all about our exciting school curriculum with detailed information about each subject including planning.


In this section you will find an overview showing how our school effectively uses SEND funding to support children in school.


Information about how children with SEND are supported in school to access the curriculum and make effective progress.


This section explains other services and agencies that can support families and children with SEND.

Contact Us

Use the form on this page to make contact with our school SENDCO. Use this form to ask questions and discuss needs.


Please use this section to help us to evaluate our school SEND provision and find out what other families have thought of our provision.

Useful Links

This section contains useful links for schools, parents and pupils. These websites are not operated by the school.


Compliment & Complain

Use this section to find our about our school procedures for compliments and complaints.

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